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What's the fun of having all that gear and never using it? Backwoods Use the Gear Rewards lets you earn rewards points on every purchase you make at Backwoods.com and then use those points on Backwoods Adventures. All it takes is a Backwoods.com account. Sign up or log in to see your current point balance and use points as a payment type during checkout for any experience we offer at Backwoods.com/Adventures.

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Earning Points




Earn 1 points for every $10 you spend on gear. No cap on points earned from gear purchases.




Refer up to 5 friends and receive points when they register at Backwoods.com.




When a friend you referred places their first order, you get points.




Earn points immediately when you sign up for Use the Gear.

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Spending Points


Spending points is easy. Use the Gear points can be applied to your purchase during checkout.

1 Use the Gear point = $1 dollar towards any Backwoods Adventure.


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Frequently Asked Questions

q: I already have an account at Backwoods.com. Do I still need to sign up?

Nope, you're automatically enrolled. Just log in and choose "Use the Gear" from your account page.

q: How long will it take for points to appear in my account?

Points will post within a few minutes of completing an action that is eligible for points.

q: How can I check my Use the Gear point balance?

Check how many Use the Gear points you have by logging into your account and choosing the Use the Gear page in your account navigation.

q: Do Use the Gear points expire?

Yes, your Use the Gear points expire. You can check when the points you earn will expire by logging into your account and choosing the History tab in the Use the Gear section. Be sure to check out our upcoming adventures and use all of your points before they expire. We'll also email you 30 days before any points expire so you'll have enough time to plan for your next trip.

q: Can I spend points on gear?

No. The Use the Gear program allows you to save money on adventures, giving you the opportunity to use the gear you buy from Backwoods.com.

q: Can my points be redeemed for cash?

No. Your points can only be used towards Adventures.

q: I have points left over after paying a deposit on an Adventure - Can I use the rest of my points towards my Adventure?

Yes, you can. Your online purchase for an Adventure is a reservation, with the balance of your Adventure due prior to your departure. When you pay the balance, we can adjust the price according to the points you want to spend, and then deduct those points from your account.

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