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Laura Friesell

Laura Friesell



Laura is from Omaha, NE. She loves to travel, and has been backpacking all over Wyoming, Colorado, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and Slovakia. Her first trip to the Wind River Mountain Range in Wyoming in 2002 is what ignited her passion for the outdoors.

When it comes to guiding, Laura enjoys introducing people to nature, watching them engage in new activities, helping them accomplish tasks and problem solve, taking care of people if they get hurt, and offering them a hot drink. She is leading Snowy Range Wyoming, as well as a trip to Bear's Ears National Monument this summer.

"Que Sera Sera!"

Q&A with Laura

Where are you from? Omaha, NE
Where did you go to school? Millard South High School, B.A. University of Nebraska at Omaha, M.A. University of Wyoming, Mark Wehner’s School of Real Estate
Where’d you work before Backwoods? Pet World 1 year, Q Cinema 9 Movie theater for 7 years, Super Saver Grocery Store for 4 years, Omaha Royals Baseball Club for 2 seasons, UNO Athletics Sports Marketing 1 year, started at Backwoods in 2005.
What are you passionate about? The outdoors and helping people!
What’s your area of expertise in the outdoors? Backpacking, Camping, Skiing, Trail Running, Climbing, Bike Packing
Where do you go for fun? Trail running at a local trail, Okaboji, climbing at Palisades in South Dakota
What does your perfect day look like? Wake, coffee, emails/work, trail run, hot bath, read, wine, dinner, Netflix
Any vices? I’ve got a sweet tooth
What’s at the top of your bucket list? Camping in and amongst the Northern Lights
Biggest adventure you've taken? Exploring Slovakia for 2 weeks
What's the most important piece of gear you pack in your backpack? Down Sleeping Bag


Laura guides a handful of our hiking adventures, like our Snowy Range Backpacking in Wyoming.


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