Assistant General Manager, Omaha

Jim Lickey

Jim Lickey

Jim Lickey is the Assistant GM of Backwoods in Oklahoma City, a Kansas native and a graduate of Kansas State University. After receiving his degree in wildlife biology, Jim worked for several specialty outdoor retailers and began working at Backwoods in Kansas City since 1990. Over his career at Backwoods, Jim has been a part-time associate, an operations manager, a buyer and an AGM.

Jim loves hiking and bird watching. If you're looking to fit a backpack or a pair of hiking boots, Jim is the one you need to see.

"I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in." - John Muir

Q&A with Jim

Any vices? Ice cream, without a doubt. Ben N Jerry's. Anything coffee flavored Ice cream.
What’s your spirit animal? Peregrine falcon.
Horoscope Capricorn
Where do you want to visit? Alaska. The landscape seems incredible. There are so many pristine and uncrowded areas up there I want to see.
What’s at the top of your bucket list? I'd like to spend an entire summer in Alaska. I'd like to go somewhere where you can watch grizzly bears feeding on the salmon run. I also want to go on an African wildlife safari.
If you could drop everything and go on an all-expense paid vacation right now, where would it be? It would be the African safari.
Biggest adventure you’ve taken? I took a trip years ago with the Kansas City Climbing club to the Wind River range. We hiked and climbed Gannett peak, the highest peak in Wyoming. I've hiked several fourteeners in Colorado, but this was more low-grade mountaineering with ice axes and crampons. It was more involved than hiking.
How many countries have you visited? Only other country I've been to outside the US is Canada.
What’s the most important piece of gear you pack in your backpack? A headlamp. I really like being out at sunset. I have a tendancy to find myself a nice vantage point to watch the sun go down, but it means I'll be hiking back to the car in the dark.
Favorite Outdoor Activity Hiking and nature viewing. I usually take a pair of binoculars with me anywhere I go.
Favorite Outdoor Memory The one that comes to mind is a hike that I took in Natural Bridges Natural Monument in southeast Utah. I went out with a friend I've knows for years. This friend likes to go off-trail and find new routes. That region is honeycombed with Anasaze ruins, and we were looking for some ruins we've seen before. It got dark on us and we worked our way out the bottom of the canyon. It was an bright starlit night and we went under one of the natural bridges. As you looked up you could see the silouette of this bridge against the stars. It was really an amazing night.
When I'm not sharing my expertise at Backwoods, you can find me: Hiking, birdwatching or watching college and pro football.


Jim is the right-hand-man and go-to hiking expert at Backwoods Oklahoma City.


Jim's Go-To Gear

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