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Amy Burr

Amy Burr

Amy Burr is our director of HR, customer service, web fulfillment and…dude, so much more! A native of Seattle and graduate of Oregon (Go Ducks!), Amy spent six years as the manager of the Backwoods Austin store before transitioning to corporate. When she’s not making employees and customers happy on a daily basis, you’ll find her somewhere between Washington and the Bahamas with her family of five kayaking, walking the dogs or catching a happy hour.


Q&A with Amy

What does your perfect day look like? If I didn’t have to work, my perfect day would be waking up and walking around Town Lake with the dogs (or kayaking without the dogs), coming home to plant flowers in my yard, sit in the sun by the pool, have friends over for happy hour/dinner and end the day watching the Seahawks beat the Patriots.
What’s your spirit animal? My spirit animal changes daily. Last time I checked I was a tiger. (But I am not sure I agree with that at all, must have been the day.)
What’s your horoscope? I am an Aries, and I do think I have a lot of the typical traits – especially that I get super excited about something and then tend to get bored with it after a little while (thus all the half-finished projects at home).
Where in the world do you most want to visit? I have always wanted to go on an African Safari.
What’s at the top of your bucket list? Top of my bucket list is to go on an African Safari! And visit Mexico for Dia de la Muertos.
Biggest adventure you’ve taken? Biggest adventure= parenthood!! other than that, Going skydiving, swimming with the sharks/pigs in the Bahamas, cliff jumping in Oregon, river rafting the Deschutes.
How many countries have you visited? Canada, Mexico, Bahamas, England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and Austria.
What’s the most important piece of gear you pack in your backpack? Which backpack? There are so many! Leatherman Multi-tool; it has everything you need in case you forget.


Amy heads up HR, customer service and web fulfillment at our head office.


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