Backwoods 2018 Spring Gear Guide

Looking for Gear to kick off your hiking, camping and outdoor adventures this Spring? Backwoods has you covered! Spring is here and the new season calls for new gear. Our 2018 Spring Gear Guide has the best of the basics for all of your outdoor excursions from head to toe.

Hiking and Internal Frame Backpacks

A good backpack is essential for any trip or trek. You can't go wrong with these Osprey backpacks for a hiking trip or camping weekend. We suggest a backpack with quality construction, light weight, and functional capabilities that support your needs like adjustable straps and lengths, water bottle pockets, ventilation and plety of storage. Here's the best of the best.

Day Packs

A Day Pack can be a lifesaver for short trips away from camp or for a jaunt through the surrounding wildlife or local town. Lighter in weight than our full-size backpacks, these day packs still get the job done when you need to bring a few items along with you.

Hiking Boots

At Backwoods, we take every adventure serious and having the best gear to protect you from the rugged trail is essential for enjoying the exploration. Strong, comfortable hiking boots are key to any successful hike, and we have what you need. This selection of hiking boots from Oboz, Salomon and Vasque will protect your feet, provide all-day support up and down the trail, and will last for many hikes to come.

Hiking Shoes

For less-demanding hikes, shorter trails, or for kicking around camp a hiking shoe may be exactly what you need. Backwoods has a good selection of hiking shoes that are stylish, comfortable, and will tear up the trail as fast as you can.


Dry, warm and comfortable socks are as important as the foot that wears it and the shoe that it goes in. Backwoods suggests socks from FITS because of their durable construction, ability to wick moinsture away from your feet, and the all-day comfort that they provide.

Sandals & Flip Flops

Sit back and relax with a pair of sandals or flip flops and enjoy the outdoors. After a long hike, your feet will thank you for the break. Chaco and Olukai footwear can free your toes and still provide support as you relax at the campsite or take a walk down the street.


When the sun goes down, it's chilly. Spring mornings and evenings still have a bite in the air, so stay warm with a good set of baselayers. High-quality material and construction provides warmth and comfort while preventing chafing as you hike or climb.


The last thing you want on the trail or campsite is discomfort underneath all of your layers. Choose quality underwear and you won't have to worry about it at all.


Pants can protect your legs from the underbrush, the chill in the air, the beating rays of the sun, or anything else you come across. But your pants should look good and feel comfortable, too! Backwoods has a large selection of pants from prAna and KUHL that do exactly that. Here are our suggestions for 2018:


Spring afternoons can get warm. Stay cool and comfortable with stylish shorts. Like our pants, we recommend KUHL and prAna due to their durable construction and comfort.

Long Sleeve Shirts

Long sleeves are a great idea for outdoors in Spring as they can protect your arms from the sun, or keep away the chill in the mornings/evenings. Whether you choose a pullover or button-up, Backwoods has the long sleeve shirts you need for this season.

Short Sleeve Shirts

T-shirts, tanks, and short sleeve button-ups are a must now that Spring is here. Choose from our selection of prAna, Icebreaker and KUHL.

Hats & Headwear

Protect your head and face, shade your eyes, and keep your hair out of your face with good headwear.


Backwoods always recommends good eye protection when you are out on the trail. Quality polarized sunglasses are a must for Spring. We have a great selection of sunglasses from Costa Del Mar, Unsinkable, and Optic Nerve for you to choose from.