Liberty Mountain Modified D Steel Screwgate Carabiner

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The Modified D is a great handling carabiner for general use.

Heat treated and plated to increase corrosion resistance, this biner is a must have for every rescue kit. Available with captive eye. Also comes in tactical black. SG-Screw Gate. TL-Twist Lock. 3AL-Three-Stage Auto-Lock.

  • SG Weight: 210 grams. Strength: 53kN

  • TL Weight: 220 grams. Strength: 53kN

  • 3AL Weight: 218 grams. Strength: 53kN

  • Strength: 53kN

  • 7/16" steel bar stock

  • Zinc chromate plated to increase corrosion resistance
  • Exceeds NFPA strength requirements