Helinox Chair One

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The revolutionary Chair One gives you lounge chair comfort in a super-strong & ultra-lightweight package.

Offering never-seen-before levels of strength, comfort and compactness, Chair One has revolutionised the camping chair market since its introduction in 2012. Now considered a true icon of lightweight design, Chair One continues to win the hearts of walkers, cyclists, sea kayakers, pilots, adventure motorcyclists and outdoor adventurers throughout Australia and New Zealand.

The Very Best Materials:

  • Advanced TH72M alloy by DAC for the frame.

  • High-strength nylon hubs.

  • Premium seat fabrics and reinforcing panels.

  • Strong & durable stitching.

Clever Design Features:

  • Packed length of just 30 cm.

  • Linking the frame sections with elastic shock-cord means the chair almost assembles itself.

  • Frame is designed with an amount of 'flex' so it can mould itself to your body shape.

  • Carry bag can be attached to frame for storage.

  • Webbing ladder and two large loops on the carry bag for easy attachment to a backpack, bicycle, motorcycle, etc.

  • Optimum comfort from such a compact package.

Great Accessories:

  • The optional Ground Sheet prevents the legs from sinking into sand or soft ground.

  • The optional Seat Warmer is filled with duck feather and keeps you warm and cosy on cool nights around the camp fire. Available in Red or Black.