Devils River Kayaking & Fishing Trip

Devils River Kayaking & Fishing Trip

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The Devils River is one of Texas’ clearest and yet least-traveled waterways. Aptly named, this river ain’t for the faint of heart. If you prefer 5-star accommodations & leisurely paddles, this may not be the trip for you.  Interested in this trip? Call us at (888) 849-6637 or email to reserve your spot!

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START: Del Rio, TX
Budget Friendly Outdoor Accommodations High Fitness Level

The Devils River is one of Texas’s clearest and yet least-traveled waterways. Aptly named, this river ain’t for the faint of heart. If you prefer 5-star accommodations & leisurely paddles, this may not be the trip for you.  If we haven’t scared you away yet, read on…

The Devils River offers fly anglers amazing sight-casting opportunities unparalled to any other river in Texas, and beyond for that matter.  The pristine waters of The Devils River might rival that of the Bahamas or New Zealand in clarity, but offer a big difference in target species: large, health, feisty Smallmouth and Largemouth bass rule this waterway.  This is technical fishing requiring anglers to bring all the right gear, flies, casting and presentations.

The Devils River is the “Ribbon of Life” that threads its way through the arid, hardy, remote region that is southwest Texas, north of Del Rio and Ciudad Acuña, Mexico. Its remoteness brings out the best for an adventure and it brings out the best in the adventurer.  Packing it in and out, navigating rapids, sleeping in tents or hammocks, cooking outside, casting weighted flies right up against structure, paddling long stretches of flat water … all the best stuff to a Backwoods Adventurer!

On this trip, we will put in at Del Norte (San Pedro point) and take out at Big Satan (also known as Devils back).  Our 4-day trip is only 15 miles, but there are lots of challenges that will test your limits. The water levels remain clear and constant because it is spring-fed, but there are still several un-navigable spots where you will have to portage (drag) your kayak. Moreover, because many of the access points are private, at some points you may be days away from medical facilities. Thanks to all these challenges, this river isn’t exactly tourist-friendly (but that’s why we love it).

What's Included
  • Sturdy kayaks
  • Tents & sleeping bags
  • Dry Bags
  • All meals from dinner on day 1-breakfast on day 5
  • All accommodations
What's Not Included
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Gratuities


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Day 1 - Saturday, April 6
For those flying in from out of state, please schedule your arrival to the Austin airport no later than noon on Saturday. If you wish to come in early, let us know and we can help set you up with a hotel. For those driving, we will meet in Del Rio at 6pm (further details will be sent 30 days before departure, or earlier if you ask). We will meet for dinner and have a brief orientation. (Meals included: Dinner)
Day 2 - April 7
We will wake up and check out of our hotel, and head to Del Norte where we will put in. This will be a challenging day--in the first mile we will portage boats and gear over and around Dolan Falls, the most photographed waterfall in Texas and a wonder of hydrology! (Meals Included: B; L; D)
Day 3 - April 8
This day will be a more leisurely day for fishing. (Meals Included: B; L; D)
Day 4 - April 9
This day will require a bit more effort, as we paddle to cover lots of ground. (Meals Included: B; L; D)
Day 5- April 10
This is our final day, and we will pack up our campsite and paddle to Big Satan where we will take out and load back into the vehicles. We will return to your cars in Del Rio, where we will eat our last meal & say our goodbyes. (Meals Included: B; L)

Note: Itinerary is subject to change depending on permit availability, weather, trail and course conditions, travel, health and well-being of the trip participants, and interests of the group.



Our first night and last lunch will be in restaurants, but all other meals will be prepared by your river guides. Breakfasts are typically something hearty like eggs, sausage, potatoes, & tortillas. Lunches are typically served as a buffet-style spread, with snacks to accompany (chips, cookies, nuts, etc.). Dinners are typically a grilled meat (chicken fajitas, pork tenderloin, etc.) with some sides. We will have snacks, but if you have a particular preference, you may want to bring your own supply.

Physical requirements/Health

The remote nature of this trip and lack of public access points means that you may be days away from medical facilities if needed. If you are not in good physical shape, do not have good balance & coordination, do not possess a can-do attitude, and are not an experienced paddler, then this river will be very difficult for you. On the other hand, if you are in decent shape, learn quickly and are not a quitter then this is one of the most spectacular and challenging rivers in North America!


The first night of this trip will be at a comfortable Bed & Breakfast, but the rest of the nights will be spent camping on the islands of the river. Since of the property on the banks is private, we want to be respectful to the landowners. All that said, we will monitor weather conditions leading up to the trip (and during the trip) to ensure your safety in the case of flooding, and we reserve the right to reschedule the trip if the islands are flooded. Accommodations are quoted in double occupancy. Single accommodations may be available upon request for an additional fee. Please inquire upon registration.


Please plan to check into your room in Del Rio as early as 3pm, and no later than 5pm on day 1. We can offer transportation to anyone who will be flying in from out of town. Please contact our office so we can advise your flights and coordinate the best plan to get you to the trip.

Fishing notes:

Fly fishing the Devils is a bucket-list endeavor for many and it rewards the diligent and skilled. Bass fishing in general can be a day of a hundred casts, but the Devils is also a sight-casting game requiring precision and well-developed fishing techniques. Fly rods in the 5-6-7 weight range are best but be prepared for wind and heavy flies. Floating fly lines designed for casting bigger flies and fluorocarbon leaders are the mainstay but a back up reel with a sink tip line can be good for the change up in depth, fly style and casting ease. Fly selections range from Clousers and Bugger styles in a variety of weights and sizes, to more specific bait fish and crayfish imitations.

Waders are generally not needed, and a good pair of quality water sandals provide comfort, but sturdy freshwater wading boots/shoe provide the best security and protection. A quality pair of brown tint polarized sunglasses is a must, as is a good hat and sun protective clothing including sun masks and gloves. A lightweight rain jacket serves many purposes: wind breaker, bug screen, and warding off the torrential downpour (that’s our superstition, anyway.)

The main thing to remember is the Devils is remote. The closest fly shop is over 4 hours away. Take what you need and enjoy the adventure!

About your guide

Aside from being a professional kayak angler, Guillermo Gonzalez is an in house fly-fishing sales associate at Backwoods in Fort Worth, and a Farm and Ranch real estate agent. There’s no question that he prefers to spend as much time as possible outside.

In the last five years Guillermo has won five Classic Championships & four Angler of the Year titles in four different tournament trails. In 2016, he punched his ticket to the Hobie Fishing World Championships in Leeville, LA and finished 11th.

In the fall and winter, Guillermo can be found in the bottomlands and backwater sloughs of Texas and Oklahoma chasing waterfowl. His true passion as a sportsman however lies in the sharing of such magical experiences that only the outdoors can provide, with others. Guillermo will be hosting the adventure down the Devils River.

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