Deuter Speed Lite 16

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Fast and light on the mountain with the Speed Lite. The lightweight all-rounder provides lots of freedom of movement on day hikes and all kinds of sportive uses thanks to its athletic V-shape and anatomically shaped shoulder straps. A high level of carrying comfort and technically sophisticated, clever functionality without superfluous weight is the motto of the Speed Lite.

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Product Details

  1. ERGONOMICAL SHOULDER STRAPS. Carrying comfort and perfect fit through ergonomically S-shaped shoulder straps with easy to adjust chest strap.
  2. 2THE EXTREME LIGHT AND MINIMALISTIC COMPACT LITE BACK SYSTEM provides carrying comfort for low to medium loads. It provides a close and safe fit for challenging terrain a by padded back with ventilated 3D-AirMesh.
  3. 4EXTENSIVE FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT and an optimum load centre thanks to the unusual athletic V-cut.

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