Deuter Women's Aircontact Pro 65+15 SL Backpack

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The Deuter AirContact Pro 65 + 15 SL Women's pack has room for just about everything. Seriously, this load-hauling pack is perfect for long treks with heavy-duty tools, your tent, stove, camera, and any other favorites you don't want to leave behind. Featuring the adjustable Vari-Quick backsystem, there's no question regarding comfort, only where on the map you'll head to next.


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Product Details

  • Color:denim-midnight (blue)
  • Article ID:3330217-3353
  • Weight:7 lbs 9 oz
  • Volume:3970 + 920 cubic inches
  • Size:35 / 14 / 10 (H x W x D) Inch

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