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Keep Your Winters Active


The days are inevitably getting shorter, and it’s easy to call it a day at 4pm and click on endless Christmas movies. We’d like to preface this with there is nothing wrong with that.. In moderation of course. You see we aren’t bears and hibernation doesn’t suit our circle of life as well as it does for them. So how can we stay active when the weather outside is frightful?

Step number one is getting the right gear and layers (shameless plug) you can find all you need to keep you toasty warm right here at Once you have the extra layers you’ll just need a little extra motivation. Just going for a walk and breathing some fresh air can turn your entire day around so grab some micro spikes and head out for a walk around your neighborhood or maybe even a hike at a local park.

If you are less inclined to layer up that’s okay too, maybe try a new hobby that you’ve been stocking up the gear for but have never actually done.. (we’ve all been there) pickleball at the Y or shooting hoops. Membering up at a local climbing gym. There is no denying that everything in the winter months takes a little extra effort to accomplish, but I can almost guarantee that you won’t dread the shorter months if you embrace the “suck”. Drag a friend along with you too!

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