Introducing Skeeter Hawk

Skeeter Hawk

Spring has sprung, the flowers have bloomed, the rains have come, and… THE BUGS ARE OUT! Don’t let mosquitoes drive you back indoors. When we encounter bad weather in the outdoors, the saying goes “there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear”. The same holds true for mosquitoes, all you need is the right gear to make your backyard party, grill out, or hiking trip a happy experience.

Introducing Skeeter Hawk, a new line of bug-fighting technology that offers products to fit your needs. Gone are the days of applying DEET or oily residues that make you smell like a porta-potty. So, how does it work? Glad you asked!

Skeeter Hawk takes a systematic approach to bug defense offering different products for different scenarios. They break their system up into 4 options; personal, patio, perimeter, and portable. So let’s explore those



This is the go-to system for those on the move. Skeeter Hawk has produced a scientifically proven blend of essential oils that help to repel bugs that get close to your person. They are long-lasting, inexpensive, and replaceable tabs meant to be worn on the wrist or hung from their carabiner. See below for repellants!



This is where the backyard magic happens. With mosquito traps aimed at capturing bugs and a premium high-power zapper to keep them from coming back, Skeeter Hawk has a system for luring bugs away from the party. See below for the options.



While the patio is where the most action happens, it would be a shame to waste the full backyard due to a few hundred pesky bugs. The Backyard Bait Stations help attract mosquitoes in bulk away from the core of the yard through powerful UV lights and an all-natural insecticide, keeping your yard free for water slides, Wiffle ball, and campouts.



With COVID coming under control and travel back on the radar, there was a need for a more travel-friendly option. In addition to the repellents, the Skeeter Hawk Personal Bug Zapper is the perfect road companion for those trips to bug-heavy destinations.

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