Backwoods: A Fresh Take on Outfitting and Adventures


For the last few years, Backwoods has been hard at work reinventing the way we curate amazing gear and host epic adventures.

In 2018, we got the wild idea to build a pop-up store out of a shipping container, bought 40 canvas bell tents, and started traveling to music festivals across the country to set up luxury campsites and sell premium gear. Backwoods Festivals was born from a simple desire to be different, to be fun, and to chase adventure wherever it took us. Now we’re the one-stop-camp-shop for music festivals around the country!

Since 2004, Backwoods Adventures has existed to host special travel opportunities for our most loyal store customers. But in the last few years, we’ve taken it to the next level. We took a fresh approach to our most popular destinations like Big Bend and Mont Blanc, and expanded our calendar to include brand new adventures like the Devils River, Chandeleur Islands, and Palo Duro Canyon. In addition to hosting clients from our home bases in Texas, Oklahoma and Nebraska, we’ve also made lots of new friends from California, New Mexico, Kentucky, and even Canada!

We’re diving headfirst into the new decade with a new online presence, new features like the Personal Outfitting Scheduler, and a new way to travel with our Use the Gear rewards program. All this growth and innovation necessitates a fresh look, a more user-friendly website, updated colors, and a brand new logo that reflects this bold new approach to outfitting and adventures.

The only thing that isn’t changing is our mission to inspire and equip you, our loyal customers who’ve stuck with us through thick and thin, to lead adventurous lives!

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