International Travel Tips

Travel Safety

Be prepared, no matter what.

Plan for Safety Before Your Depart

Many of the trips we offer require good physical condition. Be sure to check the details well in advance of your departure to see what we recommend for each particular trip. In addition, it's also good to follow these simple guidelines before you leave to ensure your safety.

  • Get a Physical Checkup: Unless you regularly engage in physical activity, a visit to your doctor for a checkup can ensure that you are healthy enough to travel abroad. Be sure to discuss the specific activities of your trip, such as backpacking, climbing, ziplining, or high altitudes so you can get the best medical advice.
  • Get the Appropriate Vaccines: Quite a few international destinations require vaccinations before your arrival. You can check with the CDC to learn about the immunizations you need before you go.
  • Leave an Itinerary with Family/Friends: Make sure those close to you know when and where you are going. The best way is to email the full itinerary to a few family members. Tell them where you are going, what your general plans are, and when you should be back.
  • Write Down an Emergency Contact: In an emergency situation you might not have time to thing straight or search for local police or ambulance services. Create an "emergency plan" document with the information and store it in a safe place.
  • Get Travel Insurance:  Travel Protection plans are available and recommended. For more information or to enroll, please visit our partners at Travelex here.