Backwoods Adventures

  1. Turneffe Atoll, Belize: Fly Fishing & Diving
    DURATION:5 days

    Get away.  Really  away.  And once you are there, have more creature comforts than you can imagine  a place away  in the sun and sand can offer – great fly fishing and diving, snorkeling and sunning, yoga and massage, tropical cocktails and upscale meals, and a private villa to escape to when away isn’t private enough.  Belize is one of the top tropical destinations for many reasons, but especially because the ease of getting there.  The saltwater fly fishing gives consistency of shots at Bonefish, Permit and Tarpon, plus Snappers and Barracuda. And this area abounds with exceptional diving and snorkeling destinations like the infamous Great Blue Hole, Half Moon Caye and Long Caye. And this trip features a lodge where getting away does not mean giving up relaxing comfort.

    Doesn’t away sound wonderful?  That is where you are headed on this trip to the dynamic and beautiful environs of the Turneffe Atoll in Belize. Interested in this trip? Call us at (888) 849-6637 or email to reserve your spot!

  2. Devil's River Kayaking & Fishing Trip
    DURATION:5 Days

    The Devils River is one of Texas’ clearest and yet least-traveled waterways. Aptly named, this river ain’t for the faint of heart. If you prefer 5-star accommodations & leisurely paddles, this may not be the trip for you.  Interested in this trip? Call us at (888) 849-6637 or email to reserve your spot!

  3. White River Fly Fishing
    DURATION:5 days

    Brand new in 2019! The White River has long been favored as a top trout fishing destination in the country, and internationally, and justifiably so: it grows BIG fish!  Rainbow, Brown and Cutthroat trout thrive in the clear, cold, bug- and baitfish- rich tailwater below Bull Shoals Dam.  This trip is a fly fishing adventure that is centrally located and suited for all skill levels.  Interested in this trip? Call us at (888) 849-6637 or email to reserve your spot!

  4. Cuba Fly Fishing & Diving Trip
    DURATION:8 Days

    Journey to Cuba and into Jardines De La Reina - a vast marine park bigger in size than the Florida Keys - for adventure, amazing seafood, complete comfort, and world-class fly-fishing & diving. Ideal for aquatics who wish explore off the beaten path, and experience saltwater fishing & diving from dawn until dusk. Interested in this trip? Call us at (888) 849-6637 or email to reserve your spot!

  5. Cocodrie Louisiana 2-Day Fly Fishing Trip
    DURATION:3 Days

    Do you need to “Check the Box” on a 40-inch Redfish? If yes, we have the trip for you! Each winter after their Fall spawn in the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico, the Bull Redfish move into the shallow water of the Louisiana marsh to feed aggressively.  This marauding-like behavior, along with their bulging shoulders pushing submarine-like wakes and deep coppery red scales glowing just under the surface, can make them easy targets -- but sight-casting to these bruisers can cause even the most steadfast of anglers to lose their cool from excitement! February conditions can be ideal for targeting these huge, handsome species. Visit the Land of the Giants with Backwoods Adventures!  Interested in this trip? Call us at (888) 849-6637 or email to reserve your spot!

  6. Cocodrie Louisiana 3-Day Fly Fishing Trip
    DURATION:4 Days

    No other place on the planet can compare with the inshore waters of Cocodrie, Louisiana for big bull redfish.  Join us on the vast marsh system and clear water for three full days of fishing and Louisiana lodging.  Interested in this trip? Call us at (888) 849-6637 or email to reserve your spot!

  7. Alaska Fly Fishing
    DURATION:7 Days

    Backwoods Adventures & Bearclaw Lodge have teamed up to bring an incredible Alaskan Fly-Fishing Adventure. The crystal clear streams and rivers of the Bristol Bay region abound with a variety of species of fish. The Agulowak and the Agulukpak Rivers are known for the best dry fly fishing in the state.  Interested in this trip? Call us at (888) 849-6637 or email to reserve your spot!

  8. Colorado Fly Fishing Trip
    DURATION:4 days

    Catch Brown Trout and elusive Rainbow Trout while honing your fly fishing skills in one of the most well-known fishing waters in the state of Colorado, the beautiful Arkansas River.  Join Backwoods Adventures on this Colorado fly fishing getaway.  Call us at (888) 849-6637 or email to reserve your spot!

  9. Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing Trip
    DURATION:4 Days

    Pyramid Lake is home to the Lahontan Cutthroat Trout, a monstrous species once thought to be extinct.  These fish regularly grow to a whopping 20-30 lbs.  The largest on record weighed 41 lbs! Fish with Doug Oullette, one of the most widely respected flat water fly-fishing guides in the nation. Interested in this trip? Call us at (888) 849-6637 or email to reserve your spot!

  10. Islamorada Saltwater Youth Fishing Camp
    DURATION:7 Days

    There is no place like the Florida Keys, and Islamorada is the fishing capital of the world. Backwoods Adventures has partnered with Clearwater Adventures to bring the world of the Florida Keys to youth fishing enthusiasts of the United States.

  11. Ascension Bay Fly Fishing
    DURATION:7 Days

    Ascension Bay, Mexico, is a saltwater fly-fisherman’s dream. Known widely as the ‘Grand Slam’ capital of the world, there is no place you would rather go to tempt a Bonefish, a Tarpon and a Permit all on the same day.  Interested in this trip? Call us at (888) 849-6637 or email to reserve your spot!

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