Adventure Frequently Asked Questions

q: What type of luggage should I bring?

Your clothing needs depends heavily on the type of adventure you are going on, the location, and the activities you will be involved in. We recommend packing as light as possible. Check the adventure description for a gear list for appropriate clothing suggestions. Footwear and socks are extremely important! We recommend high-quality footwear that comfortably fits your feet, provides proper support and protection, and meets the activity requirements of your adventure.

q: Do your adventures include international airfare?

Our travelers begin their location from all over the world and prices to the starting location vary significantly, so it's not feasible for us to include airfare in the cost of the trip. You are responsible for any travel from your location to the starting destination, as well as the return trip from the adventure ending destination back home. Some of our trips include air travel during the trip, and that airfare is included in the price.

q: Can I join an adventure late, or leave early?

It's extremely difficult to join an adventure once it has begun, and we highly discourage it. You may leave an adventure early, however you will be responsible for your own arrangements and all costs associated with leaving the adventure from the moment you decide to leave. If you leave early on your own free will, you will still be responsible for the full cost of the adventure.

q: What are the age restrictions of your adventures?

Independent travelers must be 18 years or older. There are no upper age limits for most of our tours. For our family-friendly trips, we recommend that children are at least 5 years of age. Our standard adventures are open to children age 12 and older when accompanied by an adult. Children of any age must get doctors consent for more difficult (Level 3 and 4) adventures.

q: How many people can join an adventure?

All our adventure group sizes are small so we have the freedom to move around and get involved in the local surroundings. In small groups, you also get more personal attention from your guide. You can expect a group size from 6 to 15 travellers depending on the adventure.

q: What vaccinations should I get before going on my adventure?

It's important that you get the most current information regarding health information for the region you will be visiting. We suggest checking with the CDC to learn about the immunizations you need before you go. Of course, these websites are no substitute for a personal consultation with a qualified medical professional.

q: What type of ground transportaion do you use on an adventure?

Transportation specific to your adventure can be found in the Itinerary section. Across all of our trips, we may use busses, trains, boats, ferries, ziplines, helicopters, rafts, kayaks, canoes, or any number of transportation methods. The most common method is walking, so be sure to have good footwear and socks as well as the ability to walk the distance according the to trip difficulty.

q: Who are my traveling companions?

We cannot give advance details on your traveling companions. Our adventures are enjoyed by a wide range of travellers who enjoy new experiences as much as you do. Some of our adventures have conference calls scheduled prior to departure, while other adventures begin at the start of the itinerary. Either way, we hope you leave your adventure with new friends for life.

q: Is tipping included? If not, how much should I tip?

Tips are not included in the adventure price, and tipping is entirely at your discretion. Local assistance is sometimes provided (sherpas, translators, etc) and tipping is generally a good practice to engage in. Also, if you enjoy your adventure our guides always appreciate your generosity.

q: Will unpredictable weather change our plans?

We try to plan our adventures carefully to avoid harsh weather, however unpredictable weather is always a factor. Some of our adventures are flexible so we can avoid weather or shift activities. Other adventures are highly dependent on the weather - you may not be able to complete a hike or mountain summit if the weather doesn't permit it. We always err on the side of safety and will avoid putting you in undue harms way if possible.

q: Will I have internet access during my trip?

Whether or not you'll have internet access largely depends on your lodging accommodations. For example, you should not expect internet access while sleeping under the stars in the Grand Canyon. In general, however, your guide will be able to tell you where to find an internet café during your adventure.

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