Activity Levels

Adventure Activity Levels

Whether you're going to trek up Mount Rainier, go fly fishing for days in Cocodrie, or simply tour the Vietnamese countryside, you want to have the confidence that you will enjoy your adventure. Good strength and physical fitness that matches your adventure will help you overcome whatever comes your way. Each trip at Backwoods Adventures has a difficulty rating and health concern recommendations. We rate difficulty on a 4-part scale.


Level 1 (Easy) – up to 4 hours of physical activity on the most strenuous days. Most people in decent physical condition should be able to participate. A Level 1 trip may focus on culture, opportunities for great photography, and light adventure. Bring the family and have a blast!


Level 2 (Moderate) – up to 6 hours of physical activity on some days. Most people in good physical condition should be able to participate with some physical training and preparation. A great mix of relaxation, excitement and physical exertion, these trips are fun for nearly everyone!


Level 3 (Difficult) – up to 8 hours of physical activity on some days. Level 3 trips may include more technical activities like glacier exploration, caving, or higher altitude trekking. A physical training program is recommended before departure. A physician’s release may be required. These trips are designed to get your adrenaline pumping!

Extremely Difficult

Level 4 (Extremely Difficult) – 10+ hours of physical activity on the hardest days. These adventures are designed for experienced individuals who want to push themselves. Activities may include high-altitude trekking, various extreme sports, or some mountaineering with significant exposure to the elements. Physical training is the key to having a safe adventure. A physician’s release is required.