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Experience the Outdoors with Backwoods Adventures

Experience the Outdoors

Backwoods Adventures is a leading online adventure travel agency. Since 2004 we have organized, hosted and expertly guided treks, hikes, fishing trips and cultural adventures to unique and off-the-path locations. We create each hosted adventure specially for you to enjoy unforgettable experiences, unique activities, incredible scenery and luxurious accommodations. Each adventure is hosted by a Backwoods Adventures guide and planned by our expert staff.

Recently, we’ve launched our Endorsed Adventuresstrong> greatly increasing our depth and breadth of exceptional experiences. Our Endorsed Adventures Suppliers are carefully reviewed and vetted to ensure their level of service meets the high standards we’ve set for our own adventure travel over the past 15+ years.

If you have questions about one of our hosted adventures or a trip guided by one of our Endorsed Adventure travel partners, call us or shoot us an email. We love to talk adventure travel!

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Keep Your Winters Active

The days are inevitably getting shorter, and it’s easy to call it a day at 4pm and click on endless Christmas movies. We’d like to preface this with there is nothing wrong with that.. In moderation of course. You see we aren’t bears and hibernation doesn’t suit our circle of life as well as it does for them. So how can we stay active when the weather outside is frightful?

Step number one is getting the right gear and layers (shameless plug) you can find all you need to keep you toasty

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Introducing Skeeter Hawk

Introducing Skeeter Hawk

Don’t let mosquitoes drive you indoors. Fight them off with Skeeter Hawk, a new line of bug-fighting technology without oily sprays or horrible smells.
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