About us

Backwoods, Inc.

High quality outdoor gear, apparel and adventures since 1973.

Our Story

Founded in 1973, Backwoods is an Austin-based outdoor gear and apparel company. The Backwoods Corporate office is located in Austin, Texas. Currently, Backwoods has four brick and mortar locations: Fort Worth, TX, Oklahoma City, OK, Omaha, NE and Tulsa, OK, as well as our online store: www.backwoods.com. Backwoods has been selling quality products through exceptional customer service for over 40 years. Backwoods offers clothing, equipment and expertise to help customers fulfill their needs for most of life’s great adventures: hiking, trekking, fishing, climbing, camping, kayaking, paddling, hunting, and adventure trips. In 2004, Backwoods took our mission a step further and created Backwoods Adventures, a travel company that provides unique, personal and first-rate experiences: www.backwoods.com/adventures.html. Backwoods Adventures organizes trips in all 7 continents. We would love to meet you in any of our locations and invite you can see for yourself all that we have to offer.

Our Mission

To Inspire, Teach and Equip people to LEAD active, adventurous lives!

Giving Back

To expand upon our corporate mission “to inspire people to seek active, adventurous lives” and follow one of our core value of “put social responsibility into action,” Backwoods employees volunteer over a combined 500 hours each year involving community service which will in turn increase visibility within our communities. Backwoods currently is working with the following organizations: